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Well, I met my boyfriend at school and he moved away a month later. So, its been LDR for the past 2 months. My cell phone got taken away so we had no way to talk, (right after he moved) so I asked him to friend me on Facebook so we could message. (It would be the only way to talk for about a week.) And he said he wouldnt reactivate it because it was too much drama. So, I was like okay whatever. I asked him like 100 times, like begged him, to reactivate it. He said no.
So, come to find out. Its never been deactivated . He just thought he looked bad in certian pics so he didnt want me on it… I feel really lied to. I know its FACEBOOK but It was the only way we could talk! Not to mention I looked at his girlfriends formspring and there were messages from him (from lastyear) saying how much he loves her, how perfect she is, the same things he says to me.
I know its his ex, and it was awhile ago. But I just feel like another girl.
He does treat me so well and he is the sweetest guy ever.. And he says he wants to marry me, and grow old with me and things.. but those are words…

Am I being silly to feel like this?
Thank you so much.

ps) hes never given me any reason not to trust him. he is loyal.

This is an odd situation. It is alarming that he lied to you about facebook, I mean sure it’s not a big deal but the fact of the matter is that being lied to by your partner is a definite red flag. If he has admitted to lying, then maybe you can work things out. If he hasn’t, there’s a chance that you don’t know the entire story. Touch base with him, see what’s going on. If he is loyal and all the things you say he is, I wouldn’t worry too much. If you still get your phone taken away, I know you’re still young, and have plenty of time to work out relationships with other people. Just take it with a grain of salt, try and be rational.
Hope this helps, best wishes to you.

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