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Unless you’ve been there, please don’t answer because i know what you’re probably going to say but i have more specific questions


1. If I bring my own white underwears and bras, will they be sent back home? (I’m small so i don’t want to wear big uncomfortable grandma ones from there)
2. Can i bring a chapstick, tweezer, fingernail clippers, and floss? or will each of them be there?
3. How short does my hair have to be? ( i know it can’t touch the collar but is there a more specific description?)
4.Someone said to bring my own running shoes because the issue ones suck. Is that okay? and what color does it have to be?
5. Should i go get navy blue swimming suit or will they give me one?
6. Do we have to ask for pads and tampons everytime we need one? Or will they have plenty already there for us in the bathroom?
7. Can I wear my contacts?
8. Are we allowed to wear a watch to training?

PS please don’t send any links. I’ve seen most of them and some of these questions weren’t answered on there

1) yes they will send away your undergarments that are not the ones they give you. Even the ones that you wear there.
2) i wouldnt bring those, youll get all that stuff.
3)your hair should be right under your ears (the hair cutter will need to shave the back of your neck). I suggest a few days before you go getting it done your self….the barbers there are horrible.
4) you could try to bring your own shoes, but i have a feeling they will make you send them back. The shoes they give you arnt that bad. Make sure you know exactly what size you wear because they are going to be yelling at you to tell them what size shoes you need. (Its better if their a half size too big than too small, so if your like a 7.5 sometimes 8, ask for an 8.)

5)i tried to take my own swimsuit. They sent it back. They have this old granny style suit they want you to wear.
6) your "division" will have a community "stash", they are easily accessable.
7) no, dont even take your contacts. They will FREAK OUT. They are going to give you a pair of ugly glasses. But dont worry, everyone else will be wearing them too.
icon cool For Females who have gone to Navy Basic Training recently. :)? no dont take a watch. I had a specific "job" in boot camp and they allowed me to buy one but most people did not have one.
Listen most of the stuff you take will be sent back, all the clothes you walk in with, make up, anyhting in your over night bag. When you arrive you will be taken into a room where they will issue you everything you need. You do NOT want to be the one asking a lot of questions. They will be yelling at you to intimidate you. Its a scary day just because its such a shock. To me, the rest wasnt near as scary. The best advice i can give you about boot camp is at first you just want to "blend in" you want to "stay off their radar" the first few weeks. Then slowly "pull to the front of the pack" by starting to do better. Do not look them directly in the eye. (trust me). Stay calm.

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