0 DEAL OR NO DEAL   PHYL INTERVIEWPhyl had a very Good Friday this Easter on Deal or No Deal. Spanking The Banker and taking home a holiday!

Duration : 0:0:29

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  • PRODRIFTER97 says:

    Then why watch the …
    Then why watch the video.

  • hollys119 says:

    Durrrrrrrrrrrrr, …
    Durrrrrrrrrrrrr, don’t come on youtube then before you watch it! and if you know your not gonna be home to see it, then why not just record it then? IT’S NOT HARD!

  • kneeldiamond says:

    Fantastic,what a …
    Fantastic,what a lovely lady

  • weeweeeewee says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for basically ruining the show for me.

    Now I know who got chosen AND how much they won, great stuff. :(

    You could put “SPOILER” in the title or something, but then even the thumbnail spoils it, I cover it up with an envelope every time and copy the url to watch later on that day. Why would I want to watch a show where the only exciting thing is who gets picked and how much they win – when I have just been told this in 10 seconds?


  • hollys119 says:

    Amazing lady, …
    Amazing lady, amazing game, amazing result!!!!

    WELL DONE PHYL!!!!!! :)

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