0 deal or no deal swearing granswaring gran from catherine tate on deal or no deal getting into a bit of trouble!

Duration : 0:2:29

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24 Responses to “deal or no deal swearing gran”

  • dan phelps says:

    my nans on tv
    my nans on tv

  • Stiletto92 says:

    Ah, epic fail to …
    Ah, epic fail to think you’re not an epic failure by commenting on something as trivial as picture quality.

  • MrStreaker56 says:

    i wasnt i was …
    i wasnt i was trying to point out a fact , because they think , that was funny so people will like mine . thats what people think , and who said i wanted people to like my comment not every comment people write they want a like on it

  • 987fryta says:

    you wrote that to …
    you wrote that to get likes lol so shut up no one liked it :P

  • Xb0xmari0 says:



  • malcandkev says:

    its the nan from …
    its the nan from cathrine tate show

  • whicker14 says:

    is this actully …
    is this actully real

  • thatmw3jewishguy says:

    this womans a …
    this womans a mentalist

  • Cop8899 says:

    what happened next …
    what happened next!!!

  • ByBleeker says:

    Was this real?? …
    Was this real?? Hahaha

  • MrStreaker56 says:

    i hate it when …
    i hate it when people see a popular comments and try commenting almost the same thing as the other one thinking this will be funny like the other one then 5 people like on their comment

  • James Gillespie says:

    she proabably eat …
    she proabably eat the £250,000!!! still funny despite its fake

  • matte316 says:

    What a …
    What a psycho!

  • MegaCOYS says:

    and people cant …
    and people cant assume you wern’t? christ im done with this off

  • MegaCOYS says:

    clearly you don’t …
    clearly you don’t no me haha, if someone puts FAKE AND GAY you assume they are a cunt, there is no sign they are joking what so ever

  • C3lticlord says:

    A failure to …
    A failure to understand someone’s comment. We meet again!

  • IAmLedsterOo says:

    Ah, person that …
    Ah, person that thinks “240p, we meet again” is an original comment and is prepared to defend it. We meet again!

  • MegaCOYS says:

    not really it isn’t
    not really it isn’t

  • MegaCOYS says:

    how is it, millions …
    how is it, millions of trolls a day write this are we ment to know this is a joke

  • MegaCOYS says:

    it’s a comedy …
    it’s a comedy sketch you cunt

  • charlieSenna94 says:

    funny as ever
    funny as ever

  • grooverheliboy says:

    “Fake” Catherine …
    “Fake” Catherine Tate playing the Nan is a comedian and a lot younger than this She is about 34 years old So great make up !!!

  • ShadWolf1 says:

    I’m pretty sure she …
    I’m pretty sure she was told to pick those certain boxes. xD

  • vampragonsROCK6000 says:

    its real funny …
    its real funny though,defo made my day =)

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