She invades personal space as if she is a romantic partner.
She chums right in.

show that skank the back of your hand.

5 Responses to “How do you deal with a woman who have no boundaries?”

  • Kevin says:

    show that skank the back of your hand.
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  • sandra says:

    Avoid them at all cause
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  • LifeQuest says:

    Don’t invite her to your outings.

    And if someone brought her along, chew them out.

    If all else fails, just say, "Who asked for your opinion, I know I didn’t."
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  • Blackest Man Alive says:

    The lack of impulse control is a modern burden. Since society decided to do away with social norms. People feel that they can act how ever they want. Best to just avoid these individuals.
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  • Kane says:

    Make her hate your guts.
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