So they give you food stamps, but wont let you spend them on hot foods such as pizza, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. Yea, that makes real sense. They’ll give a homeless person $200 a month in money for free food, then tell him he can only buy items that require a kitchen to prepare. No wonder so many homeless people sell their foodstamps, they have no use for them and can actually use the money for a hotel room for a night or two! Idiot government run by either extremist conservatives (who are greedy as hell) or extremist liberals (who want to regulate what we can and cant eat)!

Food stamps should work on ANY foods. The government needs to stop regulating what people do with THEIR allotment and start putting more into finding out who’s falsifying information to get the food stamps, THATs the real issue, not homeless people who don’t have a stove or a microwave.

All these people and not one makes a valid point. Makes you wonder what they do at 930 PM on a weekend.

11 Responses to “What’s the deal with no hot food (food stamps)?”

  • ez80227 says:

    these arne’t typicl ‘hot meals, for 2 reasons;
    part of what your’e paying for isn’t the food, it’s the prep and service
    2, what you cite is pretty much junk food.
    fyi, ytoiu haveliuttle idea of what you write.
    i’ve been on food stamps and homeless…and you can buy frozen dinners etc.

    as for "any foods’, you’re way off base here.
    suppose someone wants to live3 on potato chips and soda? i am not willing to pay for another’s poor choices. if they need money to subsist while they find work, etc, then they can buy decent food. if they want to liveon crap, they can buy it themselves…
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  • Angry Candy says:

    Food stamps don’t pay for labor. If you want labor, pay cash or get a job.
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  • Charlie Brown Xmas tree says:

    Fast food isn’t food.
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  • BspyB says:

    Its way cheaper eating at a fast food place. Especially if you do not have a fridge to store the stuff. You can however buy hot foods in grocery stores so thats a plus
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  • American noodle says:

    FDA said " BEER " were healthy

    Food Stamp should be approve for " BEER "
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  • ? says:

    you get a lot more for 20 dollars at the grocery store than you do at burger king
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  • Cindi says:

    If you can use them is some way – might as well

    and thank God it’s not the US Military that you have to spend them on
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  • worthless says:

    You can get a hot plate, a used microwave and a toaster oven for next to nothing second hand. That is essentially a full kitchen. Bums usually sell food stamps because they are alcoholics and drug addicted.
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  • Mitt Ronmey 2102 says:

    What’s the use of having poor people if you can’t make them feel bad about themselves for it.
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  • LTrain says:

    All these people and not one makes a valid point. Makes you wonder what they do at 930 PM on a weekend.
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  • Common Sense says:

    Grocery stores have a deli. Actually the McDonalds near me leaves there been under the lights to long food out for the homelss in back.
    It think it is a very admirable thing they do.
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