0 Minecraft Survival   EPIC Hidden Armory! (Ep. 23)Hey!
Beast armory! Nuff said!

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Jevinators Challenge!





The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha

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How to play Minecraft
How to mod Minecraft
How to get on Machinima
How to craft
How to find diamonds

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Duration : 0:25:16

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25 Responses to “Minecraft Survival – EPIC Hidden Armory! (Ep. 23)”

  • jason liang says:

    world download was …
    world download was already up like a week or 2 ago

  • hillier98 says:

    When can you do a …
    When can you do a world download?

    *******thumbs up so he can see******

  • kevinbishop89 says:

    its not secret if …
    its not secret if we know about it is it ???

  • runescapeskilled says:

    dueee e v cfj vefj …
    dueee e v cfj vefj cjsd cnj fednv efcjn sdhgavGHA DGHCBG GHq dGH|C fdrG|ZDRT5GTFVT4F4RF4R HICJNHJEC

  • huuta4369love says:

    ■□■ 宝くじで200,000,00 …
    ■□■ 宝くじで200,000,000円当選しました ■□■ 貴重なスペースにこの様なお話を申し訳御座いません…。管理人様。お手数お掛けしますが、ご迷惑でしたら削除の方お願い致しますm(_ _)m 長文になってしまいますので、単刀直入に申します。この宝くじの当選金をお譲りします。受け取りたい方は下記ブログサイトよりご連絡下さい。一切制限など無くスムーズにお話しが進められますので。Youtubeでは違反行為になってしまい連絡が途絶えてしまいます…。できる限りご希望の金額をと考えております。今日中にお譲りする事も出来ますので、ご遠慮せず仰って頂ければと思います。宜しくお願い致します。ブログサイト http://863.jp /

  • nrod411 says:

    Your house is epic …
    Your house is epic and your rich! :O

  • bestdillon says:

    jesus since when …
    jesus since when did the internet have perfect spelling

  • robschottjr says:

    22:25 you shouldive …
    22:25 you shouldive checked out that cave

  • Lolification88 says:

    I love your fort/ …
    I love your fort/house/base thingy. It inspired me to build an awesome looking fort that looks a bit like yours.

  • RackingItUp says:

    Please check out …
    Please check out our channel and leave some feedback <3

  • SuperHayzo says:

    UkGzxViieRz it is …
    UkGzxViieRz it is syndicate not sindicate

  • marLamaDeo says:

    He didn’t use it. …
    He didn’t use it. Everyone knows duplication glitches. Jevin either used Fortune or he doesn’t deserve 50k subs :P I think the first.

  • CurvedKiwi says:

    Syndicate is good …
    Syndicate is good but so is Jevin they are both great commentators so dont try starting a fan war-.-

  • TheButchewina says:

    should put fire …
    should put fire behind the iron bars

  • UkGzxViiPeRz says:

    watch his videos …
    watch his videos hes just as legit as sindicate!

  • JgKiLlEr17 says:

    did you make the …
    did you make the land flat or did u use a mod?

  • JgKiLlEr17 says:

    dude this is a …
    dude this is a really nice house! 

  • TotalMinerEpidemic says:

    In english
    In english

  • shadowhound88 says:

    I love how you play …
    I love how you play minecraft learn new stuff each episode

  • TheFCKN says:

    yeah because …
    yeah because syndicate doesnt use the duplication glitch *sarcasm

    jevin is a million times better legit

    syndicate also used a duplication to get a shit ton of booster rails…. he’s so much better than Jevin *Sarcasm to the max

  • pedros8311 says:

    Can you put in …
    Can you put in description a link with your map ( download ) Thanks:D

  • F3RN4ND05U4R32 says:

    Guys just go to …
    Guys just go to Syndicate he rocks he would own this piece of world his is a thousand times better and he does way more cool stuff.

  • Josh Nazer says:

    Ur amazing, I look …
    Ur amazing, I look towards you now for minecraft info, thank you for all ur hard wor and inspiration!!!!!! Now I want to build a weapon room!!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work

  • SupercellFTW says:


  • Rasengan1inyaface says:

    i enjoyed this …
    i enjoyed this video

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