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0 Wheel of Fortune | Vanna Whites debut, pt. 1It’s Philadelphia week on wheel of fortune, but on this day, December 13th, 1982, Pat Sajak announces the new puzzle letter turner on the show, which would boost her to stardom: Vanna White. Champion Robin returns on her 3rd day, having won $11,150 in cash and prizes, and she now faces off against Louis and Linda. The first two puzzles are played here, and this is the Shopping format, and always remember: try not to get Bankrupt, otherwise you lose your cash, but not your merchandise. Because once you buy a prize, it’s yours to keep.

(c) 1982 Merv Griffin Enterprises. All copyrights of the show are herein acknowledged, no challenge of ownership is implied or intended. These episodes are posted for non-profit, entertainment purposes only, and to help keep the memory of Merv Griffin alive

Duration : 0:12:51

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