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0 WoF 5/15/12: The Curse of ANDNot MAGIC at all, nope nope…

Remember when College Week looked strong, triples or above called on big money, barely a lost turn, and easy BRs crushed for an easy victory? Oh what a long time ago that was, yesterday is far behind and we can welcome back the lovely result that is known as the blown BR! …

Anyways… this is just a double-layered fail. Zach also couldn’t quite get the other half of the Kia despite quite a few spins around the area.

First of all, even given he gravitated towards the AND sound, he should have gotten off of that halfway through the letters being put up. It is very rare when all of CDMA make up pretty much the whole puzzle now. This is the best cookie you can possibly get, this was won easily for 100k on 3/23/09 (which I have a clip of as well – finally, BRs are getting repeated in the era I’ve covered). Just know the dang puzzle when you call the best letters you can.

But then… I understand the closing 10 seconds is even more pressure when Pat & a Portland audience is fully expecting the win, and some desperate used letter board scrounging occurred, this sound strategy was just not the way to go at all. He seriously did say WAND with “AND” at the end, that’s how far he went in the wrong direction. Try to scan the used letter board for potential fits for _AND, don’t rely on sounds. (BAND, HAND, LAND, SAND, WAND are the only four words I can get with this.) I do feel bad since sounding things out usually is the right way to go, but it really backfired tonight and I still think he overcommitted to focusing on the assumed sound.

One thing that has been pointed out in comments – Zach never re-established saying MAGIC again as time ran out. Even if he gets WAND in, the BR might have been called a loss, you need to say the whole thing together.

So… yeah, welcome back to College Week! Let’s see which version of contestants wins out over the rest of the week.

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