0 All New Pricing Game! Double Cross!   The Price Is Rightthe price is right unveils a new Pricing Game!
(From show 6005K)

Duration : 0:2:53

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25 Responses to “All New Pricing Game! Double Cross! – The Price Is Right”

  • thegameshowguy1 says:

    This game reminds …
    This game reminds me of Make Your Move.

  • Glen7000 says:

    The most confusing …
    The most confusing game since On The Spot.

  • MoneyJobsOffice says:

    Check Game & Credit …
    Check Game & Credit Card have not been played in a very long time but they are still listed on the Price is Right website.

  • caa1000 says:

    Any game retired …
    Any game retired from this new version?

  • MoneyJobsOffice says:

    Yes, Friday June 8
    Yes, Friday June 8

  • THERobertL2000 says:

    This is why you …
    This is why you shouldn’t always listen to the audience, even if you’ve got some family members in it. Cool game, though.

  • gracezmom1 says:

    Saw it didnt like …
    Saw it didnt like it

  • jamez629 says:

    Was this from …
    Was this from Friday??

  • MoneyJobsOffice says:

    Great to see a new …
    Great to see a new game make its debut. It looks as if there might have been a technical problem when Drew Carey was asking to show the correct prices which didn’t seem to light up but they will fix that. Years from now everyone will remember this as the first ever playing of Double Cross!

  • itsalleternal says:

    Using computerized …
    Using computerized graphics, you should bring back some popular retired games that were retired for technical reasons, such as Hurdles…

  • gameshow2500 says:

    Obsessive …
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • hdayejr says:

    Ever heard of …
    Ever heard of google?

  • heine71 says:

    What does OCD mean?
    What does OCD mean?

  • hdayejr says:

    Oh most definitely, …
    Oh most definitely, you know how OCD Mikey is with those. TROLOLOLOLOL

  • heine71 says:

    Will it be played …
    Will it be played for 2 trips someday?

  • JeopardyandWheelFan says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s …
    I wouldn’t say it’s quite like a crossword puzzle just because one number intersects with the prices but it is very close, don’t you think?

  • jimmyboyzable says:

    YEAH !!!
    YEAH !!!

  • StuartMan12698 says:


  • lbell1999 says:

    That is what I …
    That is what I thought. It is Make Your Move with one less prize

  • whammy850 says:

    Awful lott’a chrome …
    Awful lott’a chrome for that simple game…

  • supersaver87 says:

    I love it! Very …
    I love it! Very sleek and modern.

    I’d love to see what happens when someone wins it.

  • zachhoran says:

    Next week is new …
    Next week is new shows, and then there’s a fourth of July show on 7/4 and two previously preempted shows airing this Summer, I think.

  • budamania1989 says:

    cool new game 
    cool new game 

  • HarlemHyena says:

    Nice way to combine …
    Nice way to combine elements of Line ‘em Up and Make Your Move. I’d say this game’s got potential!

  • tpir1972 says:

    Double Cross?
    Double Cross?

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