0 Combat In Iraq Has Ended! Pres Obama Oval Office Speech pt.2August 31, 2010 MSNBC

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24 Responses to “Combat In Iraq Has Ended! Pres Obama Oval Office Speech pt.2”

  • GrandArchitect3D says:

    does anyone believe …
    does anyone believe this guy anymore other than black african americans and white middle class radicals?

  • Intervene says:

    @PTTurboe Heading …
    @PTTurboe Heading to Iran.

  • marcellogentile1 says:

    Millions killed and …
    Millions killed and displaced.
    USA uncle sam assassins
    just as bad as the nazi, imposing their way trough mass murder, occupation torture and terror, the US will be remembered as the true axis of evil.

  • upabittoolate says:


  • FASTGINGER says:

    @upabittoolate …
    @upabittoolate retard

  • bluesmann8 says:

    If only the truth …
    If only the truth be known and it will little by little.

  • Homer177 says:

    Hm..nothing new …
    Hm..nothing new here..

  • xXstaZ says:

    have 2 do this for …
    have 2 do this for hpmework i got ni tv so thnx for upload or im dead

  • JusticePetitioner says:

    Yea keep drugging …
    Yea keep drugging up our veterans so they either die of mixtures of prescription drugs or kill themselves or go postal and kill others.

  • PTTurboe says:

    Wonder what those …
    Wonder what those troops are going to be doing? Hmmmmm….

  • PTTurboe says:

    War is Peace
    War is Peace

  • Livefreerevolution says:

    @mattisava Amen. 6 …
    @mattisava Amen. 6-10 of the 911 commissioners say the ‘official report is bogus and full of holes’

  • nurotic says:

    pointless garbage.. …
    pointless garbage…is it trash day yet….take this clown to curb for pickup

  • govhater4 says:

    9/11–> Patriot Act …
    9/11–> Patriot Act / loss of liberties –>Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan —> Israel :) l l V

    Wars are privatized

    Money is borrowed from the Fed

    The Constitution is ignored

    U.S, circles the drain.

    U.S. is controlled by the elite

    Israel :)

  • bigc028282 says:

    There’s Barry f* …
    There’s Barry f*cktard/Bushtard4 for you.

  • mattisava says:

    YES turn the page …
    YES turn the page and start going after the people who did 911. Start by having a New Investigation.
    1200 Architects and 400 high ranking military and intelligence officers agree……

  • AntiTheory says:

    The war is over! …
    The war is over! Yay!

  • airborne373 says:

    The Moon is made …
    The Moon is made of CHEESE!

  • IlluminatiSeer says:


  • Livefreerevolution says:

    Look at those …
    Look at those phoney pictures in the background hahaha what a fraud barry soetoro is … pathetic Hey how about the ‘combat troops’ that were deployed from Ft. Hood? Plus the known contractors and mercenaries that will still be occupying. Seriously, how can barry soetoro with a straight face get up and just flat out LIE to the American people? Well since he is an illegal alien usurper this is ‘PAR’ for the course not like he even knows what a ‘PAR’ is! LMFAO!!!!

  • MutantKush says:

    You lie
    You lie

  • BabybooR33 says:

    @justonemorename …
    @justonemorename lizards control them..

  • LuckyShitZu says:


  • thatcrazypiranhaguy says:

    2:55 teleprompter …
    2:55 teleprompter mishap

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