Last month, I was out jogging in the park and I met this really hot girl. She was about 5’9" with a really pretty smile and looked like Kim Kardashian except with bigger boobs, bigger thighs, thicker legs, Angelina Jolie’s lips, Lauren London’s dimples, and Lanisha Cole’s complexion (she was Black). We started talking, then I gave we exchanged numbers. I keep texting her to see if we could hang out and go somewhere, but she keeps saying that she has plans. Then yesterday we were texting each other and I invited her to come over to my apartment and hang out. She said she would come, but never showed up. Then later that night, she texted me and told me that she couldn’t find the street my apartment was on. Is she playing me?

chill out dude. its what girls do best,, if they ain’t playin you,they dont care about you

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