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Duration : 0:12:10

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24 Responses to “ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!! [FEB.07.12 DAY 468]”

  • snaplesugar says:

    So, you DID get …
    So, you DID get the shuffle board right? I’m so happy for you guys!

  • jplolo316 says:

    are you kidding me …
    are you kidding me!! that is so awesome! lucky you!

  • TheVanilleFan says:

    @donutscout24 what? …
    @donutscout24 what?! aww man :( that sucks

  • TheBAC1022 says:

    i cant i will be …
    i cant i will be at skool :(


    Yeah Splice is…. …
    Yeah Splice is….out there.

  • Leoniera says:

    I have made my own …
    I have made my own music video, if any of you are willing to watch it, I would be very grateful! The video can be found on my channel.

  • Thorlablabla says:

    wooohooo for …
    wooohooo for Canadians!!

  • kishka7 says:

    @teenytoaster Teeny …
    @teenytoaster Teeny – to me Cory simply looks very tired and in love. But the tiredness is washing over him and Kate is still bubbly! I don’t think it’s a red light – but she’ll keep him on his toes! Overall I think he looks happy and sleepy. (30 yr married male here). I used to have a girlfriend much like Kate; wonderful!

  • kishka7 says:

    5:01 You’re in a …
    5:01 You’re in a place of monetary challenge! Or fiscal complexity!

  • majorj0nny says:

    next stop – learn …
    next stop – learn how to eat food with your feet ! ;)

  • kishka7 says:

    1:54 – I also see …
    1:54 – I also see those little patterns in tile etc all the time! They’re all over the place!

  • CarsAndReviews says:


  • beardymanjr says:

    i can’t believe it …
    i can’t believe it ur were so close

  • SelLovesToVlog says:

    did you burp.. when …
    did you burp.. when you were you were like ‘ and that..*burp* geninus’

  • kitkatkid09 says:

    Kate i looked up …
    Kate i looked up the creative writing thing and it says you have to be age 6-12. im confused….

  • daveclarkfurther says:

    my other vehicle is …
    my other vehicle is a delorean does that count…really…it is

  • daveclarkfurther says:

    nooooooo i missed …
    nooooooo i missed it!!

  • JustAnotherLondoner says:

    @chimpy220 …
    @chimpy220 thankyou!!

  • Texposse says:

    @pricessshortie29 …
    @pricessshortie29 What you replied to me about Kate and Cory was completely inaccurate and frankly, the worst kind of a troll comment. Cory’s marriage problems were nothing to do with Kate, she did not upset or ruin the marriage in any way shape or form. It was over cos it was over, some people on here just refuse to accept that. The 2 were best friends, and a full year after Cory split from Steph, he and Kate got together, and I really can’t see why anyone not trolling would say otherwise.

  • TheNapster409 says:

    Maybe try dancing …
    Maybe try dancing instead

  • GeekyChick321 says:

    ummm…. how do …
    ummm…. how do you make response vid?

  • GeekyChick321 says:

    5:51 paused with …
    5:51 paused with wierd face XD lmfao

  • sk8smoke21 says:

    didnt anyone else …
    didnt anyone else notice on TPIR kate chose (17) as the first nmbrs on stack the deck? lol she so planed that

  • CakeBeneathTheIcing says:

    @teatowls it’s on …
    @teatowls it’s on hulu if you look up “the price is right”

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