0 Stat Quo   The Price Is RightI’ve waited so long for someone to sample this theme. I even tried doing it myself. However, my limited producing skills halted my efforts. Luckily, Stat picked up where I left off. Enjoy!

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Duration : 0:2:36

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25 Responses to “Stat Quo – The Price Is Right”

  • deeluve22 says:

    Give you one even …
    Give you one even better. Posted link to the mixtape in the video description.

  • Hydebro says:

    yo i need this song …
    yo i need this song post download link?

  • tyniehawk says:

    my friend just …
    my friend just heard a song like this but its new i think. are there 2? i cant find the new one

  • BlackLaw2020 says:

    I wish shade 45 ( …
    I wish shade 45 (lord sear & rude jude) would stop playing this shit! If this was a hate it or love it it would get tossed. Shoot that shit!!! This song is horrible!

  • drewsta248 says:

    Yo man i really …
    Yo man i really liken this song and was wondering if you can email me this song
    email:blandabland@aol.com…. Thanks

  • OneCrayGuy89 says:

    This song makes me …
    This song makes me want to win fabulous prizes if I get closest to the actual retail price without going over.

  • OneCrayGuy89 says:

    I just found the …
    I just found the theme song for my Bob Barker CAW on SvR. Thanks, brosef :D lol

  • KazPer2020 says:

    I finally found …
    I finally found this song. Heard it a few years ago, and been looking ever since

  • blackholerabbit says:

    hell yes, just …
    yes, just kicked this theme in the ass, and the result is magic.

  • chriscancer13 says:

    Lord Digga’s is the …
    Lord Digga’s is the earliest i know of, i also think its the best beat and song using thyis sample. i swear i’ve heard a song using this sample with Everlast on it, i’ve torn the internet part looking for any proof it ever existed but i’ve never found any.

  • DonKeegal says:

    You are the …
    You are the man!!! I’ve been trying to figure out who the artist was that did it first. Thank You, God Bless, and Hip-Hop!!!!!

  • chriscancer13 says:

    Why are so many …
    Why are so many people sayin finally? Lord Digga sampled it ten years earlier, Crystal Waters did it earlier too.

  • augustesk8 says:

    reminds me of …
    reminds me of mathmatics by most def for no reason

  • andyruffa21 says:

    neeeeed …
    neeeeed insrumentaal plzzzzzzzzzzz ill subscribe if you do

  • Aholesandwich says:

    just search A-1 …
    just search A-1 price is right

  • DreadfulControversy says:

    What’s the link?
    What’s the link?

  • Aholesandwich says:

    A-1 sampled it …
    A-1 sampled it better.

  • liljon503 says:

    This go …
    This go hard low fo sho my nigga

  • samusssbm85 says:

    i wish the beat …
    i wish the beat would have completed the price is right themes song, I think the last few seconds of it are the best.

  • Trello says:

    where can i find …
    where can i find the instrumental to this please somebody

  • killaprez says:

    this go hard!
    this go hard!

  • demostunesfreak says:

    Lord Digga “My …
    Lord Digga “My Flows is Tight” is the other one you guys are talking about.. I like them both a lot, actually.. I just heard this one for the first time, and I’m a bit biased since i love the Digga track.. but this is good too

  • TheJbeatsProductions says:

    check my version …
    check my version out Jbeats subscribe if you like

  • eeno25 says:

    somebody else …
    somebody else sampled it in the late 90′s maybe early 00′s. when i think of it i will get back.

  • Hail2TheVictorsBaby says:

    Top back, on the …
    Top back, on the west coast high way, 65 degrees…CALI!

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