0 The Price is Right 40th Season Pricing Game Recap  11/8/2011 (Election Day)Today as Americans voted for important elections in their States, The Price is Right’s 2nd day of Week 8 for the 40th Season had these prizes and Pricing Games:

-A Honda Ruckus 49 CC engine scooter and a 60″ 3-D LED LCD HDTV with two pairs of 3-D glasses as the prizes in Switch?, where the contestant switched the prices of the prizes

-A 2012 Hyundai Accent GLS as the car in Spelling Bee, valued at $14,955

-A 27 speed ladies mountain bike and a trip to Lake Tahoe as the two prizes in 2 For The Price of 1

-A contemporary portrait view Aico dining room group, Noritake Aegean Mist dinnerware, and Paris crystal stemware also from Noritake as the prize package in Side By Side

-A Chevrolet Camaro LS Coupe as the car in One Away

-Dev Valencia 14K Gold and Sterling Silver jewelry with 1K diamonds, a Fagor America stainless steel dishwasher, an elliptical trainer, and an Apple iMac desktop computer as the four prizes in Shopping Spree

Out of the 6 Pricing Games played today, two results had the losing horns. Which Pricing Games were they?

Also, a specification on a motorcycle that was won in the Showcase from yesterday’s show, voice cameos from Bob of Bob’s Burgers and Apu from The Simpsons, and names of “The M.V.P.’s of The Price is Right”.

This week’s Sponsor for the price is right Pricing Game Recap is brought to you by McCormick Original Taco Seasoning Mix

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2 Responses to “The Price is Right 40th Season Pricing Game Recap- 11/8/2011 (Election Day)”

  • neilrocks87 says:

    Switch? was an easy …
    Switch? was an easy one for me. $2499 seems to be a universal price for Honda Scooters. [maybe it's just me idk.]

    One Away was a complete and utter disaster. If we do another “The Good, The Bad and The Stupid” video at the end of this season, this will prolly be at the top of my bad list.

    FYI: Noritake ‘Paris’ Crystal Stemware was also part of the prize package in Side By Side. (might wanna update your video description too)

  • Sportsguy528 says:

    I knew 859 was the …
    I knew 859 was the price of the bike in 2 For 1. Side By Side was a bit tricky for me for the dinnerware Spelling Bee was very very impressed. One Away was abosoluty a disaster Switch was also tricky for me and in Shopping Spree I went with the dish washer as my last choice wasn’t expecting to be a little more than 800 dollars and I was dissapointed by the Double OB.

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