0 The Price is Right (9/14/92) 21st Season PremiereAs per request, the 21st season premiere of the price is right!

Making a special appearance, for his final time on TPIR, creator Mark Goodson!

Pricing Games to kick off the season:
3 Strikes +
The very first playing of Magic #
Grand Game
Double Prices
One Away
Cliff Hangers (a playing you will not believe!)

(c) 1992 Mark Goodson Productions

DISCLAIMER: Nothing seen here is my property. Upload intended for entertainment purposes solely.

Duration : 0:57:37

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16 Responses to “The Price is Right (9/14/92) 21st Season Premiere”

  • jhzenor61481 says:

    I was in 5th grade …
    I was in 5th grade on the 21st season of TPIR (1992-1993)

  • Cmar102 says:

    I was in …
    I was in kindergarden on the 21st season,1992-1993 Year

  • bachelordan0470 says:

    You’re right about …
    You’re right about Mark. Not only was he one of the best, but Mark was the most prolific on Earth. I do miss him!!

  • jarvisbrodiea9 says:

    And we obviously …
    And we obviously know why she left at the end. As for the set changes on the Turntable and Doors, I honestly thought it looked great. lol

  • jimmyboyzable says:

    Yes, this season …
    Yes, this season marked the first for the red turntable carpeting and the gold bordering around the big doors. This season also marked the first for more music cues and this season marked the very last for model Dian Parkinson after 18 years on the show.

  • jarvisbrodiea9 says:

    Is this also the …
    Is this also the first season of the Red Carpeting and Gold Bordering on the Turntable and Doors? Or did that change occur at the end of the previous season?

  • TVLubber says:

    All in …

    All in good time.

  • wiled5 says:

    Do you have any …
    Do you have any more the price is right episodes from the early 90′s?

  • TVLubber says:

    Nope. …

    Nope. Sorry.

  • bjacquard says:

    RIP Mark Goodson
    He …

    RIP Mark Goodson
    He was one of the best.

    BTW, do you have the episode of tpir from 2/24/2000?
    In cliff hangers, the contestant does the yodeling

  • zachhoran says:

    Goodson died just a …
    Goodson died just a few months after this show was taped, so it’s possible his cancer was known.

  • elevatorgeek762 says:

    At 42:09, what an …
    At 42:09, what an idiotic bid!

  • cnlaw says:

    I wonder if Goodson …
    I wonder if Goodson was actually battling cancer during this time?

  • mhmrules says:

    I need a shiny …
    I need a shiny tuxedo to celebrate MY 21st birthday.

  • Jessyleppert says:

    Bob says Number 9 …
    Bob says Number 9 like the Beatles at 8:26.

  • Jessyleppert says:

    Mark Goodson’s …
    Mark Goodson’s Last Appearance on Television.

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