0 The Price is Right® Decades PlinkoPlay over 40 pricing games from 4 decades! Now for the first time for Kinect™ for Xbox 360®!

The Price is Right® Decades Features:
Three game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer, and Multiplayer Online. For the first time, play pricing games simultaneously with up to four players in both multiplayer modes.

Rare pricing games from the price is right® vault.

Use your customized Mii™characters and Xbox LIVE® Avatars.

Duration : 0:0:15

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8 Responses to “The Price is Right® Decades “Plinko””

  • shreddintheaxe says:

    i don’t recall them …
    i don’t recall them saying it was supposed to be on PS3, just for Xbox 360 and the Wii.

  • crocodiletroy says:

    ubisoft was lying …
    ubisoft was lying The Price is Right Decades is not on the PS3 at all only on XBOX360 and the WII.

  • shreddintheaxe says:

    i want that game …
    i want that game so bad

  • Cheer4evase says:

    HOLY THE GUY IN THE GREY IS HOTTT! hahaha lol <3
    @bburk1193 you don’t know what ur talking about. :-)

  • gomegango says:

    Oh my gosh that guy …
    Oh my gosh that guy in the grey shirt was HOTT!!! His acting skills were top notch

  • bburke1193 says:

    hahaha way to …
    hahaha way to compliment yourself!

  • yourstrulyshelby says:

    you would write …
    you would write this about yourself… hahaha

  • LangloisJosh says:

    OMG why cant every …
    OMG why cant every actor be as cute as that guy in the grey shirt!!!!

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