0 TPiR 2/2/12: Interesting EndingMight not have uploaded this normally, but I felt bad after yesterday’s clip was wiped out. Also, an interesting DOB is rare.

Duration : 0:6:13

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24 Responses to “TPiR 2/2/12: Interesting Ending”

  • thephan26 says:

    I wouldn’t …
    I wouldn’t with him in Russian Roulette

  • chicagoboy87 says:

    @elevatorgeek762 …
    @elevatorgeek762 OUCH!

  • chicagoboy87 says:

    OUCH!!!!!!!!!! BUT …

  • germanname1990 says:

    From wow to ouch! …
    From wow to ouch! That was just screwed up! Ugh! … Okay, you know what? Welcome to “The Price is Snafu.”

  • elevatorgeek762 says:

    The guy in the red …
    The guy in the red shirt missed it by $141.

  • gamelover1949 says:

    Somewhere in the …
    Somewhere in the studio, Mike Richards was toweling himself off and said “WHEW! That’s Too Much…er, Close! Geez, I’m already thinking too far ahead!” :-D 

  • zachhoran says:

    I couldn’t remember …
    I couldn’t remember the password for the old screename I set up in 2006, as I’ve kept myself always logged in and password pops up on the few times I had to re-log in. I guess the mods don’t like people having other screennames. oh well.

  • WayoshiM says:

    @zachhoran …You …
    @zachhoran …You tried to come back into chat on a different username?

    … Lol

  • zachhoran says:

    In the end they got …
    In the end they got me for switching screennames. I’m not going to troll my way back in there like I tried to do to Dave Zinkin on INvision before he passed away.

  • WayoshiM says:

    @zachhoran Your …
    @zachhoran Your tendencies in chat irritate most people, in case you haven’t noticed.

  • zachhoran says:

    I got banned from …
    I got banned from GR.net for switching screennames plus doing something else a while back that got me a ban, so the chat room may or may not miss me.

  • TheBmanbayes says:

    i think grany is …
    i think grany is mad … grany: aw you little b lol

  • WayoshiM says:

    @KUWAITAHMED Because I can’t control it and it’s not THAT low.

  • djcchs2004 says:

    I guess you watch …
    I guess you watch that dreadful Plinko gamepaly yesterday. So Yeah, were not having the good start this Feburary.


    why every time you …
    why every time you upload videos with low volume ?

  • Seriously543543 says:

    That’s some …
    That’s some rollercoaster drama right there. O_O

  • McBearNB says:

    Speechless from a …
    Speechless from a painful Doulbe Overbid including Nicholas by only $141.

  • McBearNB says:

    @GameShowNetwork …
    @GameShowNetwork That’s would’ve been only $9.

  • WayoshiM says:

    @freekgod1 They’ve …
    @freekgod1 They’ve been editing fast spins for time lately… I dunno how I feel about it.

  • freekgod1 says:

    Did anybody notice …
    Did anybody notice the bad edit they had at around the 2:18 mark with the wheel. Seems a bit bizarre to me to edit the wheel spin.

  • Billy49324 says:

    @GameShowNetwork I …
    @GameShowNetwork I Agree And He Would’ve Been #5 Of The Season.

  • bjacquard says:

    first a loss in my …
    first a loss in my favorite game of all time (Safe Crackers), & now this.
    geez, what else could go wrong?

  • GameShowNetwork says:

    Had Nicolas*
    Had Nicolas*

  • GameShowNetwork says:

    Wipeout Showcase …
    Wipeout Showcase Double!!

    Had he subtracted 150, he could’ve have won both showcases!

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