0 Lets Play Wheel of FortuneDan, Bryden and Ashley join me in a random game of wheel of fortune for the N64.

All three can be heard on Dan’s channel – http://www.youtube.com/kelekin

Duration : 0:20:32

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25 Responses to “Let’s Play Wheel of Fortune”

  • Lorkanthal says:

    while yes this is …
    while yes this is true it also gives away a lot of information to the other players as well.

  • aleckermit says:

    The spin outcomes …
    The spin outcomes in this game are 100% pre-determined when the game first starts, the more you know. Found this out while doing a TAS of it.

  • rolltide15in13 says:

    were is pat
    were is pat

  • mlgkoodo says:

    super man 64 is …
    super man 64 is funny

  • Stupidity105 says:

    I got the last one …
    I got the last one when they put up the two Ts and the E! Haha.

  • ArkThePieKing says:

    “Hey babe, do you …
    “Hey babe, do you mind if I watch a 20 minute video of a guy playing Wheel of Fortune?”
    “No, go ahead. You’ll be bored in 2 minutes anyway. I know you.”
    *10 minutes later*
    (Her) “Oh god why is this so entertaining!?” :D

  • OffAirProductions says:


  • OffAirProductions says:

    He may or may not …
    He may or may not have said this before but he doesn’t play these games for a living. In between videos, life happens for Proton Jon.

  • xYukii says:

    I think it mainly …
    I think it mainly has to do with his stressful job. He doesn’t really have the time to upload more.

  • nutsforbionicles says:

    Ashley sounds like …
    Ashley sounds like lucahjin

  • TheSillyPrick45 says:

    ‘E’ is the most …
    ‘E’ is the most common english letter. They should have guessed that more. :/

  • Logan Sanders says:

    Protonjon if you …
    Protonjon if you don’t mind answering my question, how come you don’t upload often?

  • LAJay101 says:

    I love the tags
    I love the tags

  • JmdMagic says:

    ….So the end of …
    ….So the end of the world is truly coming….

    Jon uploaded a video.

  • 725roy says:

    2 Uploads within a …
    2 Uploads within a month? WHAT BLASPHEMY IS THIS?!

  • TheFinalSmash says:

    Steak Engine! It’s …
    Steak Engine! It’s steak engine!

  • HoltNickAlex says:

    That’s wierd, it’s …
    That’s wierd, it’s only been 15 days…
    Who are you and what have you done with Jon?

  • Twister1808 says:

    Wow, this video …
    Wow, this video didn’t show up at all in my subscriptions.

  • gemship says:

    i almost had a …
    i almost had a heart attack when i saw that protonjohn had uploaded a video

  • ProtonJonSA says:

    Frame by frame’s …
    Frame by frame’s the best I can do, and look for visible sparks.  For the most part it hasn’t been too bad, but there’s been a couple of cases I’ve had to rewatch the hit over and over again to figure out who looks like they did the last hit.

  • HellomynameisZeke says:

    I see now. It must …
    I see now. It must be difficult trying to figure out who hits the bosses or enemies last. I can’t keep track really.

  • ProtonJonSA says:

    Chugga does the …
    Chugga does the editing, I do the stat tracking. He was too busy last week with us all being away at E3 to get the episode that was supposed to be posted on the 9th ready.

    We only do one episode a week to last us until we get to the next time we can get together to record, since NCS and Chugga live in different parts of the US and I live in Canada.

  • HellomynameisZeke says:

    Wow really? I …
    Wow really? I thought since the videos were being uploaded so slow, you were uploading them. Or maybe there’s not a lot of videos so he has to let it last until the next walkthrough. Hmm…

  • AwkwardAssassin46 says:

    At 16:50 I thought …
    At 16:50 I thought, “DONKEY KONG!”

  • Kelekin says:

    omg u guyz shood …
    omg u guyz shood t0tally play dat family food

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