0 My Board Games: Wheel of Fortune (1992 Tyco Version)Hello everyone, and welcome to an all-new video, in which I will review one of my board games from my collection, which will be the 1992 Tyco home version of America’s game, “Wheel of Fortune.” I got this game off ebay back in December 2010 as an early Christmas gift, and it was a game I used to have as a kid. I will show the exterior and interior of this game. Hope you all enjoy! Next board game video will be when I show the 1985 Pressman version of the wheel of fortune home game.

Duration : 0:15:28

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5 Responses to “My Board Games: Wheel of Fortune (1992 Tyco Version)”

  • KMH4021 says:

    do u have the 1999 …
    do u have the 1999 version from parkers brothers

  • c3po626 says:

    I actually have …
    I actually have both deluxe wheel of fortune home games the 1st and 2nd editions with interchangeable wedges. I’ll have to show it sometime.

  • rodney1279 says:

    I like how the used …
    I like how the used letter board is at the bottom of the puzzle board. The older of Wheel of Fortune used a scratch off letter board and an answer book.

  • jvandiesel says:

    this is my …
    this is my favorite version

  • stephenboy8 says:

    i have one wheel of …
    i have one wheel of fortune board game aubrey it’s from 1985 i would play that a lot of times when i was a kid and i still play it still to this day

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