0 Wheel of Fortune | Vanna Whites debut, pt. 1It’s Philadelphia week on wheel of fortune, but on this day, December 13th, 1982, Pat Sajak announces the new puzzle letter turner on the show, which would boost her to stardom: Vanna White. Champion Robin returns on her 3rd day, having won $11,150 in cash and prizes, and she now faces off against Louis and Linda. The first two puzzles are played here, and this is the Shopping format, and always remember: try not to get Bankrupt, otherwise you lose your cash, but not your merchandise. Because once you buy a prize, it’s yours to keep.

(c) 1982 Merv Griffin Enterprises. All copyrights of the show are herein acknowledged, no challenge of ownership is implied or intended. These episodes are posted for non-profit, entertainment purposes only, and to help keep the memory of Merv Griffin alive

Duration : 0:12:51

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24 Responses to “Wheel of Fortune | Vanna White’s debut, pt. 1”

  • metaljay18 says:

    And Pat Sajak had …
    And Pat Sajak had just debuted a year earlier

  • kookoo78 says:

    This makes me want …
    This makes me want to smoke a joint

  • DaytonaBeachForever says:


  • DaytonaBeachForever says:


  • Calriec says:

    The show seemed …
    The show seemed less exciting back then.

  • elmerjr says:

    piss drunk pat
    drunk pat

  • bryanr1 says:

    is it just me or …
    is it just me or does pat appear to be hammered out of his mind?

  • toucansam3 says:

    They always took …
    They always took the gift certificate, I can only remember once that someone took the “on account” option.

  • trans8010 says:

    @darkyoda Then it …
    @darkyoda Then it was abandoned in the late 80′s(?) due to high taxes on prizes bought. If contestants didn’t bank any money most simply couldn’t afford the taxes on them.

  • Gimebooze19792 says:

    Boy these game …
    Boy these game shows keep that Keller company in buissnes

  • sexyssilverfox says:

    I forgot that …
    I forgot that people used to buy prizes. It’s great being able to look back in time, wow! This all used to look normal, now it looks cheesy. :-) Could you imagine buying that stuff today!? hee, hee!

  • darkyoda says:

    @pytko3 WoF used …
    @pytko3 WoF used the curtains to hide the prizes. During the mid rounds the curtain would slowly raise and the prize wheel area would rotate. During that time the players would “buy” their prizes using their winnings; with the option to “bank” the rest at the end. Players were strongly encouraged to “buy” prizes. In fact I remember one person being told they could not just bank it all and did have to buy something. It was done, in case you’re curious, to keep costs down.

  • mstocker87 says:

    Not irony. …

    Not irony…

  • pytko3 says:

    Vanna’s first …
    Vanna’s first puzzle was a TITLE and IRONICALLY, Pat’s first puzzle was also a TITLE!

  • pytko3 says:

    At 0:32, the gold …
    At 0:32, the gold curtains come down. That’s one thing that I never forgot about WOF from this time, I was really little but I remember how Pat would enter just as the curtains would lower(Everytime I wondered if the curtains were going to beat Pat to the wheel. It’s all in the timing! XD), he would announce Vanna and she’d enter through the curtains. I miss those curtains. Curtains used to be a big part of gameshow sets. WOF used to be glittering gold, now it’s neon blue.

  • johnissoevil says:

    @Angie2343 Exactly …
    @Angie2343 Exactly. :-)

  • Angie2343 says:

    @johnissoevil She’s …
    @johnissoevil She’s still gorgeous!

  • johnissoevil says:

    Vanna looks younger …
    Vanna looks younger than she is these days. Did she jump in some kind of fountain of youth or something? Or did she consult Dick Clark on keeping a young appearance?

  • Angie2343 says:

    @360deeman I’d like …
    @360deeman I’d like her to twirl around again, for old times’ sake. :)

  • 360deeman says:

    Vana white doesn’t …
    Vana white doesn’t even turn anything anymore, I guess people still want to look at her though?

  • captainhero518 says:

    I can’t believe …
    I can’t believe that it’s been almost 29 years since then…very impressive.

  • sunyata76 says:

    @tannerwaterbury …
    @tannerwaterbury I’m guessing that they didn’t have a microphone on the wheel back then, but I bet they micced it eventually so viewers know whether it’s turning quickly or slowing down. I never knew why they applaud while the wheel was turning. They applaud a LOT on that show!

  • Angie2343 says:

    Vanna White – …
    Vanna White – smokin’ hot then and now!

  • tannerwaterbury says:

    How is it that the …
    How is it that the wheel back then was not so stiff and noisy when spun? Did they use extra WD-40 back then?

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