Like on "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"- or the voters?

No which is why democracy is retarded.

4 Responses to “Can we discredit liars and agree on who is telling the truth in politics by asking the audience?”

  • Mike says:

    To quote Colonel Jessup "You don’t want to know the truth"

    We are screwed every which way til tuesday
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  • Maxwell says:


    you have to get people who actual power to conduct investigations to determine who is lying with facts to prove it.

    (unfortunately sometimes that process is circumvented with things like "executive privilege" even though Obama claims to have never been anywhere near anything to do with the subject matter)
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  • worthless says:

    No which is why democracy is retarded.
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  • Leofa says:

    that’s what we do here everyday, but the fact of matter is this; in a world of mob rules (the choice made by 50%+1 to decide how everyone will function) truth is irrelevant. and what you earn does not belong to you.
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